America's Whispered Truth's

On February 28, I had the great honor of attending an opening reception at the Archer Gallery in Vancouver, Washington with my dear friend Willie Little, where my installation The Fabric of Race installation came together with Willie's amazing artwork creating a new installation "America's Whispered Truth." Willie Little's artwork celebrates his rural upbringing while also documenting a fading part of the American Landscape. He also works with assemblage creating individuals pieces with their own stories that come together to create an installation that addresses a larger issue. The coming together of this work feels natural at this time in both our careers. Willie and I became fast friends years ago when we found our work being exhibited in a group show at the MOMA art gallery in Fort Mason, San Francisco. It will be exciting to see where this new exhibit will travel to next, reaching more and more people about the American Truth people dare whisper. Thank you the Archer Gallery for creating this opportunity for artwork and the opportunity to speak the community about why it is important.

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Interview with The Mommy Chronicles

Hello- My first blog post ever. I wanted to take the time to share a very special interview that was created in April 2017 at The Rosa Parks Museum during the installation of The Fabric of Race: Racial Violence and Lynching.  Here is a link to the podcast I think you will enjoy it and learn in depth information about why this work is important and the meaning behind it. Thank you to The Mommy Chronicles, I hope you will take the time to listen.